ODYSSEY - Point of Sale Butcheries

Butchery software comes with
the following FEATURES:

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Block Test / Meat Cutting Schedule

  • Customise the cost and price of each meat cut for different animals
  • Cutting schedule to break down carcasses and setting up different cuts
Odyssey Point of Sale -Butcheries-Meat-Cutting-Schedule

Integrated Scale Link

  • Our software links directly to your scales. This means that no 3rd party software is needed to send product or price updates to your scale
  • No more instances where your staff will forget to run 3rd party application to send down prices causing you to lose profit
  • At the sales point the cashier would scan the scale label and all information such as Weight, Price per KG, Total Price will be read from that label

Combined Items

  • This refers to monthly packs, weekly packs and hampers
  • We set these items to a combination item, to easily calculate a cost and work out a selling price correctly
  • The system then prints a unique barcode for the hamper. Whenever one of these hampers are sold the ingredients get deducted from the main stock items immediately

Recipe Items

  • With Odyssey, butcheries can configure recipes for products that are manufactured in-house
  • This keeps a complete stock control over raw material as well as the finished off final product
  • This keeps a complete stock control over raw material as well as the finished off final product
  • Print customized barcode labels for your stock items
Odyssey Point of Sale - Butchery POS


  • Low level stock warning
  • VAT and exclusion option for trade sales
  • Stock on order indicator
  • Weekly account facility
  • Real-time account updating
  • Settlement discount facility
  • Online Inter-branch transactions
  • Temporary and Lay-bye accounts
  • Petty cash processing
  • Assistant/cashier code with monitoring function for discount price changes etc.
  • Sales by open department or by stock code/ barcode
  • Unlimited stock items
  • Wildcard description search
  • Daily or monthly financial reports on sales, gross profits etc.
  • Monthly or yearly budgeting facilities
  • Daily financial updates includes sales in rand’s, gross profit in rand’s & gross profit percentage
  • Automatic re-ordering facility, as well as cash credit/ COD/ buy-aid/lay-bye breakdown
  • Daily cash-up, with banking analysis
  • Daily sales totals, with taxable and non-taxable sales and discounts
  • Daily and monthly assistant analysis & assistant/department sales
  • Daily and month-to-date departmental sales and control totals
  • Outstanding CODs and job cards
  • Audit trail with summary
  • Inter-branch stock
  • Stock movement & months coverage
  • Monthly transaction & master-file totals
  • Stock movement history per 12 month term
  • Price labeling facility
  • Automatic re-ordering
  • Stock write-off facility (does not affect gross profit)
  • Special price facility to override retail price
  • Maximum & minimum stock levels maximises control
  • Tax-free/non VAT items
  • Bin / shelf allocation and cost center analysis
  • PLU log of specific movement per transaction
  • Changes can be implemented by stock item, department or range
  • Online branch stock management
  • Automatic separation of orders per creditor
  • Stock take module for fault- free partial stock takes
  • On-line stock take facility with wireless units
  • Total debtors control
  • Detailed account enquiries
  • Setting of credit terms as required
  • Full creditors system
  • Account and settlement discount options
  • Automatic payment schedule based on terms
  • Overall password protection
  • Set discount, credit limit and monitor credit rating or debtors
  • Non-VAT clients/VAT number
  • Buy-aid statement on request
  • Versatile statement printing with optional email facility
  • Debtors ledger and monthly debtors aged analysis
  • Standard balance brought forward (180 days)
  • Weekly and monthly budget accounts
  • Cash accounts
  • Revolving credit
  • Seven day balance brought forward
  • Full Discount Matrix