ODYSSEY - Point of Sale System for Industries

A good Point of Sale system is crucial to your business Industry.
Give your business the edge with our affordable Point of Sale systems that are designed to meet your ever growing needs.

For Retail, Hospitality and Service Industries




With the backing of a Wealth of Experience and ‘hands on’ Knowledge, our products are suitable for small simple business operations as well as complex and sophisticated applications.

By running a great Point of Sale Solution, it will help improve the following:

Inventory Management by telling you what sells and what doesn’t.

Profitability by showing which product lines make you money.

Marketing by highlighting customer buying habits face-to-face sales by giving employees a mobile catalogue.

If providing a service is at the heart of your business, then our Point of Sale solution is the ideal backbone for your business.

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Odyssey Point of Sale Automotives


Odyssey Point of Sale Butchery


Odyssey Point of Sale Restaurant

Liquor Stores

Odyssey Point of Sale liquor-store

Pet Shops

Odyssey Point of Sale pet-store


Odyssey Point of Sale supermarket

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